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I design, build and monitor your web project

I am digital project manager.
I build websites and digital contents.

I am currently working for Adfinitas, a european communication agency dedicated solely to non-for-profit organizations. I specialize in digital fundraising and web marketing for NGO and associations. My goal is simple, I want to get experience and contribute my skills to good causes.

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I create web contents for every projects.
I seek the best digital experience for your community.

web marketing for nonprofits

Web Marketing

I can help you bring qualified trafic and improve your conversion rate with search engine optimization and paid search like display advertising, facebook ads or google adwords. They are many ways to reach your audience.

infographic for ngo

Content strategy

I love content. Have you ever thought of making interactive story, infographic or videos to increase engagement on your website or social network ? I will help run a successful fundraising campaign with the right content on the right channel.

video for association

Video production

Videos are great tools for telling stories or showing the reality of the field. Videos can drive engagement on your site and it is a fantastic way to reach a new audience on social media.

Let's open up your work to the world

I design, develop and monitor websites.
I am somewhere between a digital project manager and a webmaster.

I design website for associations


I want to build-up a website expressing your work, your identity and your culture. To do so we have to meet, talk and draw ideas together. Every project requires at least 1 or 2 kickoff meeting because I strongly think the best results come from the best teams.

I create website for ngo


I design your website from the prototype to the template using Photoshop and Illustrator. You will see how your website looks and it is the right moment to make new improvements together.

I use Wordpress for ngo and associations


I am experienced in wordpress development but also can make a full html/css static website if you need. It all depends on your project for sure. We will use the best technology : right server, right CMS, right code, right SEO.

assistance on your project


After the project I stay at your side for 30 days to provide you with assistance, extra development or training. I will help you to manage your website : creating and publishing content, updating your theme and plugin...


Work as a team

Distance doesn't matter. We will use powerful and very flexible online collaboration tools. You will be able to let me know your feedback in real-time and to follow-up every single step of the project. We will use the best of the internet to improve our communication. Always remember good teams make great works.

fondation des amis de medecins du monde

Fondation des Amis
de Médecins du Monde

The Fondation des Amis de Médecins du Monde‘s mission is to support sustainable solidarity and humanitarian action within the health sector, through technical and scientific research, promotion and innovation.

I participated in building and maintaining the website and also built a dedicated page for the Architecture and Design Competition. I oriented the design towards simplicity and clarity, I mainly used visual elements (icons, infographic) to express information.

Visit website fondation medecins du monde site web
Ibuka Europe NGO

Ibuka Europe

Ibuka europe is the Rwandan umbrella organisation for genocide survivors. After 1994 Ibuka started to support trauma victims who suffer from the consequences of the genocide. Ibuka europe has delegations in 5 countries including France and Belgium.

I made their website using a child theme for wordpress. I tried to make a nice design and a user friendly navigation, I also took a strong attention to SEO and followed google best practices. I also implemented a responsive donation page with payment gateway and back office donation management.

Visit website ibuka site internet
mdm france

Médecins du Monde

For about 6 months I was working on the redesign of Médecins du Monde’s website in collaboration with agencies DDB Paris & Linagora. I monitored quality assurance and led several user acceptability testing (front and back-office), I participated in the content strategy and assured content migration following the best SEO practices.

Visit website Medecins du Monde site internet
Au gré des Marées

Au gré des Marées

Au Gré des Marées offers to make driftwood creation such as mirror, sculpture, lamp etc. Based in the north of France nearby the city of Calais, Au Gré Des Marées launched his brand new website in May 2016. In partnership with CR Antoine Gransard I designed and built the website including contact forms, english/french version, iconographic work and SEO.

Visit website Au gré des Marées site internet


As a digital project manager for Adfinitas I have the chance to work for many non-profit organizations with an amazing team of CR, designers, developpers and trafic managers. I have participated in several communication and marketing campaigns for the Société Protectrice des Animaux, Welfarm, Fédérations des Aveugles de France, Fédération Française des Diabétiques etc. See one of our great project here below.

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